Medallion Hunt

The Medallion has been found!!

1st clue posted Monday, February 4 at 9am. Additional clues posted daily until the medallion is found.

Snowbowl Buttons can be purchased at Holtz Garden Center. 

CONGRATULATIONS to Michael R., the finder of the 2019 Medallion Hunt and winner of $500.


Medallion Hunt Clues

Welcome to the Annual Snowbowl Medallion Hunt!  I hope you enjoy this year’s hunt which has a twist from poetry and literature in each clue.

1) The William Shakespeare Clue

Blow Blow thou Winter wind
Thou Art Not so Unkind
Snow Bowls here and that means 1 Thing
There Hath Be a Medallion here to find

Freeze Freeze Thou Bitter sky
That does not Bite so Nigh
We’re on the Hunt for treasure
Where is the Medallion? Where does it Lie?

Clue #1 is very Broad-  It’s in Ham Lake Park!
We will narrow it down each day til you find its Mark
There is No Need to Climb and No need to Dig
Start on the Trails-  You’ll be happy as a Lark

2) The Alexandre Dumas Clue

The Treasure of Spada has already been found
By The Count of Monte Christo whose great riches abound
There are still Treasures out there-  Treasures of Many Kinds
Treasure of Forrest Fenn, Anson Hamilton and the Snow Bowl Medallion to Find-

Clue #2 US Geography teaches us of 1 place making 4 corners on a Map-
If The Layout of HL Park and the 4 corners should ever overlap….
I would look in the Quadrant known for a Grand Canyon,
The shootout at the OK Corral and where Cardinals, Diamondbacks and Coyotes are on Tap

3) The Joyce Kilmer Clue

I think that I shall Never see
A Poem as lovely as a Tree

A Tree that shall In Summer Wear
A Nest of Robins in her Hair

(#3) But Now its Winter and Medallion Hunters Abide
Find the Hollow Tree and Look Inside

Snowbowl Sculpture Breakthrough

Stainless Steel Snowbowl Sculpture

Guess the date and time you think the Snowbowl Sculpture will breakthrough the ice of Ham Lake. The closest guess wins $500. No cost to enter. 1 guess per person.

Sculpture at Breakthrough

Button Contest

Congratulations to Nolawi! This year’s button design winner.

Medallion Hunt, Button and Sculpture Breakthrough Contests October 5, 2018