Medallion Hunt

Jessica K. decided to look for the medallion today. Not only did she look, but she found it! Congratulations to her!
(It was found in a hollow stomp on a par 3 of the disc golf course #11)



1st clue posted Monday, February 3 at 9am. Additional clues posted daily at 9am until the medallion is found. $250 prize for the person who finds the medallion!

Finder, take the medallion to Edward Jones (1444 147th Ave NE Ste 550, Ham Lake, MN 55304) to receive your prize!

Thank you to Scott Summerbell, Edward Jones, for hiding the medallion and writing the clues.

Medallion Hunt Clues

Clue #1

The Super Bowl is now over and so it’s Snow Bowl Time

Let’s look for the Medallion, following clues that Rhyme

You can search and search until you’ve found the Mark

But one the things for Certain, It’s in Ham Lake Park

Clue # 2

Ha Ha Ha It’s in the Park we’ve established that

But where should you look next?   Where is it at?

If you were a Snow Bowl Medallion where would you Hide?

Look where the squirrels and chipmunks and critters abide!

Trying so hard to give clues to follow

just go in look in the places that are Hollow

Snowbowl Sculpture Breakthrough

Stainless Steel Snowbowl Sculpture

Guess the date and time you think the Snowbowl Sculpture will breakthrough the ice of Ham Lake. The closest guess wins $250 No cost to enter. 1 guess per person. Visit the tent during the Snowbowl to make your guess.

Sculpture at Breakthrough
Medallion Hunt and Sculpture Breakthrough Contests October 5, 2018