41st Annual Ham Lake Open
August 12, 2020
Majestic Oaks Golf Club

2019 Golf Open Sponsors

Eagle Sponsor:

  • 21st Century Bank
  • Jam Hops

Birdie Sponsor:

  • Best Siding Company
  • The Hills Youth & Family Services

Par Sponsor:

  • Edward Jones – Ham Lake
  • Minuteman Press – Ham Lake

Partee Carts Sponsor: Village Bank

Putting Green Sponsor: Cars for Neighbors

Hole-in-One Sponsor: Ham Lake Dental

Dessert Sponsor: Granny May’s Catering

Hole Sponsors:

  • 21st Century Bank
  • Anoka – Hennepin Educational Foundation
  • Anytime Fitness – Ham Lake
  • Best Siding Company
  • Bikes 4 Kids
  • Charity Morrow, Keller Williams Classic Realty
  • Connexus Energy
  • Edward Jones- Ham Lake
  • Falcon National Bank
  • Ham Lake Dental
  • Ham Lake Physical Therapy
  • Jam Hops
  • Majestic Oaks Golf Club
  • Minuteman Press – Ham Lake
  • Numbers LLC
  • Sannerud, Savarese and Associates, PA
  • Stepping Stone Emergency Housing
  • The Hills Youth & Family Services

Trivia Sponsors:

  • Route 65 Pub & Grub
  • Chanticlear Pizza
  • Mansetti’s Pizza & Pasta
  • Ham Lake Dental

Trivia Night

Round 1 Sponsored by Mansetti’s Pizza and Pasta and Ham Lake Dental: Every Hole Sponsor will have an answer for the golfers.

Questions and Answers:

  1. In the beginning, Jam Hops offered one specific sport. What was the sport?
    1. Answer: Gymnastics
  2. This company was established in 1987 and has officed in Ham Lake since 1997.
    1. Answer: Best Siding Company
  3. What was James from Minuteman Press Divison and MOS in the regular Army?
    1. Answer: 82nd Airborne as a forward observer
  4. How many single adult homeless shelters are there TOTAL in all of Anoka, Washington, Carver, Scott and Dakota Counties?
    1. Answer: One
  5. What is the average sale price of a home in Anoka County in 2019?
    1. Answer: $279,00 (up 5% from 2018)
  6. How long has Anytime Fitness been in Ham Lake?
    1. Answer: 16 years (established 2003)
  7. In what year did 21st Century Bank celebrate its 100th Anniversary?
    1. Answer: 2017

Congratulations to Jam Hops! Winners of Round 1!

Round 2 sponsored by Chanticlear Pizza: 1979 Trivial Pursuit Questions

Questions and Answers:

  1. What two states have the most border states?
    1. Answer: Missouri and  Tennessee
  2. Name the original Charlie’s Angels.
    1. Answer: Jaclyn Smith, Kate Jackson, Farrah Fawcett
  3. Who killed one person for every 21 years of his life?
    1. Anwer: Billy the Kid
  4. In Peter Benchley’s book, Jaws, what was the name of Quint’s boat?
    1. Answer: The Orca
  5. What are the two perennial vegetables?
    1. Answer: Rhubarb and Asparagus
  6. Who is the first golfer to make $100,000 in one year?
    1. Answer: Arnold Palmer

Congratulations to the team of Village Bank, Best Siding Company and Auto! Winners of Round 2!

Round 3 sponsored by Route 65 Pub & Grub: How well do you know the Ham Lake Area Chamber of Commerce?

Questions and Answers:

  1. How many members does the chamber currently have?
    1. Answer: 114
  2. How much did the chamber donate in 2018?
    1. Answer: $112,443.25
  3. What designation did the City of Ham Lake receive in April with the support of the chamber after 959 Ham Lake residents were trained in bystander CPR and AED use?
    1. Answer: Heart Safe Ham Lake
  4. Name one site where you can play pull tabs presented by HLACC charitable gambling?
    1. Answer: Ham Lake Lanes, Majestic Oaks Golf Club or The Moonshine Whiskey
  5. What community event does the chamber sponsor that has over 20 vendors every Wednesday?
    1. Answer: Ham Lake Farmers Market
  6. How many board members does the chamber have?
    1. Answer: Seven
  7. What business is the chamber working with to have a Business After Hours on August 22 from 4:30-6:30pm?
    1. Answer: Falcon National Bank

Congratulations to Cars for Neighbors and Numbers LLC. Winners of Round 3!

2019 Golf Committee

  • Julie Evans, Insurance Specialists Team
  • Susie Nosbusch, Ham Lake Dental
  • Brenda Nolby, Jam Hops
  • Paula Moon, Innovations Plus
  • Tim Sofie, Minuteman Press
  • Colleen McGinn, Tiki Hut
Golf Open July 17, 2017