Made 2 Move Chiropractic is Ham Lake’s newest chiropractic clinic. Owners Dr. Carly Furney and Dr. Luke Eggerichs started the clinic in November 2017, and moved it to its current location in Ham Lake in May of this year.

Ham Lake Chiropractors

Dr. Luke Eggerichs and Dr. Carly Furney of Made 2 Move Chiropractics

Chiropractic philosophy is all about holistic health. Sometimes medication or surgery is necessary to treat certain injuries and ailments. But the basis behind chiropractic thought is that treatment is often successful without going that route.

Open-Adjustment Atmosphere

One of the newer methods in the chiropractic world is “open-adjusting” spaces. When you walk into Made 2 Move, you’ll see a large room full of adjusting tables. They’ve found this set-up produces a relaxed, open atmosphere in the clinic they and their patients enjoy. (If you prefer more privacy for a treatment, don’t worry—they offer closed-room care, too.)

Chiropractic Specialties

Dr. Carly said, “We love working with families. When the whole family comes, it creates more education within the family about how they can be more healthy in general. Kids can even help educate other kids. We like working with mamas and babies, too.” Affordable family plans with tiered payments are available.

Both doctors grew up playing various sports, so they’re very interested in proper sports technique. They can help with both sports injury prevention and recovery.

Education is a priority in the treatment Made 2 Move’s patients receive. When they see a patient, the doctors are proactive about the root cause of the pain or symptom, going beyond just correcting the current issue.

Dr. Luke shares, “We’re all dealing with physical, chemical and emotional stresses. These build up and cause our bodies to have reactions and compensations which lead to dysfunction. We usually see people first because of pain. But coming in just to get checked helps us discover how we can help them in seemingly non-chiropractic ways like sleep and energy issues, immune system, digestion, ADHD, bed-wetting, brain function and muscle performance.”

Doctors Carly and Luke work with peoples’ health goals to come up with a care plan that’s right for them, including frequency of treatment.

Community Outreach

Dr. Carly mentioned, “We go outside the clinic to work with companies doing stress-relief breaks with their employees. We can come over, bring lunch and do a 30-60 minute talk called a Lunch-and-Learn. We also go to some local gyms and do movement screens and stress-relief massages.”

As their website states: “Improving the health of the community as a whole is our #1 goal.”

Connect with Dr. Carly and Dr. Luke at Made 2 Move Chiropractic:

Visit their website • Call: 763-400-3872 • Email:

Their clinic is at 13654 Van Buren St NE, Suite 200 in Ham Lake (right off Bunker Lake Blvd)