Meineke Car Care owners Mark & Barb Koloff

Mark & Barbara Koloff, owners of Ham Lake Meineke Car Care Center

Meineke Care Care Center in Ham Lake is a family-owned and operated business that’s crafted their business model on partnership. Partnership with their customers and partnership with the Ham Lake community.

Owners Mark and Barbara Koloff grew up in Anoka County and have lived in Ham Lake for 20 years. They purchased the Ham Lake Meineke Car Care Center in 2012, making it their second shop (they also own the Meineke in Columbia Heights).

Meineke’s Core Values

The core values important to them in running their businesses are based on partnership:

  • Honesty and loyalty—Barbara said, “We want to be our customers’ personal mechanic. We’re kind of old school that way.” They offer top-quality service at a fair price. And they’re up-front about what needs to be done to get a customer’s vehicle back on the road in good running condition.
  • Educating their customers—They’ve been known to bring customers into the back of their shop to show them what needs to be done on their car and why. Then they’ll help them prioritize needed repairs for the future. They believe the more the customers know about their own vehicles, the better.
  • Community involvement—From the Boy Scouts to the Blaine High School football team to the Golf Tournament, the Meineke team believes in being part of their local community. One day they brought an entire Scout troop into their shop and showed them how to change the oil in a car.

Investing in Community Partnership

The community partner the Koloffs have invested in the most is Cars for Neighbors. This local non-profit organization finds and repairs used vehicles for working Anoka County adults in need of reliable transportation. Their partnership began in 2014 when the Meineke team began to host the monthly Car Care Saturdays. They offer their labor costs at 50% off, and also offer lot space to store donated cars.

They’re very proud of their relationship with Cars for Neighbors and how it’s benefitted so many families in Anoka County. The partnership has worked so well that Mark recently offered some office space in their building to the Cars for Neighbors staff—rent-free. It was gratefully accepted!

Meineke Car Care Center is located just north of the intersection of Highway 65 and Bunker Lake Boulevard. They’re on the west side of 65, and can be accessed via Johnson Street NE.

(This article originally appeared in The Ham Laker, July 2018)