• Snow Sculpting – over $1000 in prize money awarded!
    • Adult category
    • Youth 10U category
    • Youth 11-16 category

Carving time starts at noon on Friday, February 7th.  Sculpture Judging STARTS at 2:30 PM Saturday, February 8th when TOOLS DOWN. Sculpture awards and prizes will be announced at 3:30 PM.

Snow Blocks are Provided by the Ham Lake Snow Bowl.  Register today to participate, Entrance Fee is only $5 per person for food and refreshments for Friday and Saturday.    Let us know what size snow block you require:

Big Block (6’x6’x6.5’)

Medium Block (4’x4’x7’)

Small Block (3.5’ tall x 30”)

Register no later than February 3rd online or by calling Chris Mickman at 763-286-8931


  • Only snow, water, and ice from the competition site may be used. No media may be brought in from outside the competition site.
  • Only hand tools are permitted. Teams may not use powered tools of any kind.
  • Molds and forms are not allowed unless the snow is to be manipulated by the teams beyond the molded form. Stamps which impress a letter or shape are prohibited. Additional support such as wooden dowels are prohibited.
  • Finished sculptures must be free of any colorant.
  • Sculptures should be family-friendly and non-political in nature.
  • Up to 3 people can sculpt one block for the adult completion  If other blocks are available later on Saturday morning they can be sculpted as well for no additional charge if you ask permission.  Our goal is artistic expression and creating spectacles for the public!.

Judging Criteria

Ham Lake contest sculptures are evaluated by judges on a combination of factors, including:

  • Degree of difficulty
  • Execution (clean lines, proportions, overall completion, etc.)
  • Artistic expression
  • Creativity;  For example, popular cartoon character sculptures will not score as high as original creations

Learn more about the art of snow sculpting in the Minnesota Monthly article, The Deadly, Precise, Extreme Art of Snow Sculpting.

Snow Sculpting November 15, 2018